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Friday, March 31, 2006

Brief physics lesson

Hello everyone, Dr. Luginbill, aka Dr. Smartass-thanks to my wife, here to dicuss the scientific nature of my new pair of transdimensional underwear. I would like to first state that there is a distinct difference between transdimensional and trans-spatial underwear. The question from a novice underwear afficianado was "Why would you have a big butt if you had an extra dimension into which to stuff it? Wouldn't that make your butt smaller?" Well yes and no. You see, as any good quantum pysicist will tell you...(say with a german accent)"VEN YOU MUCK ABOOT MIT THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM, YOU MUST ALVAYS REALITZE DAT YOU MUST BE CAREFUL OF CRACKS BETVEEN DIMENSIONS!" This of course means that if the underwear were trans-spatial any extra gludial mass would be deposited across a greater given space. This would reduce the volume of your ass but not its mass. So if someone were to say hey your butt is massive they would be right. If they said hey your butt is big, they would be wrong. And you could tell them so in any court of law. Now in the case of trans-dimesional underwear you will find the given mass and volume of your butt at least split between dimensions if not dupilcated across dimensions. This results in no actual reduction of butt size but most probably an increase in butt size. And for those that are more bent to a quantum nature the distinct possibility that your butt may in fact be outside your underwear, called a non-euclidean wedgie for those not in the know. Anyway I hope that this answers the many questions I have recieved and quiets the critics.


  1. Dr. Grace, the Greek professor, notes the correct term is "Steatopygous".

  2. Apparantly, you have too much time on your hands.


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