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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Last weekends pictures

This has been a busy, crazy, emotional week. However, we have made it to Saturday and life is pretty good.

I took some pictures while at Grandma Lee's last weekend and thought these were worth sharing. (No pictures of Troy, Lee, and George cleaning the garage...missed those shots...wish I had some before and afters).

This is one of Grandma's frogs.

Grandma's other frog...this one is a bit smaller and is actually
sitting on a frog (not real)

in the upper pond.

Archer playing with his Grandma's house sword.

I love this picture. He looks so sad. I like to say he was sad to leave Grandma's house (as he always is), however in this particular shot he I made him stop playing so I could get a picture, so really he is just irritated with me! But it is a good shot...what a cutie!

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  1. Cool frogs ... and how dare you make him stop playing for a picture. I would NEVER do that! HA


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