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Friday, June 02, 2006

We're still here

I know a few of you have been wondering where we are...the rest of you probably didn't even notice we were missing...

So, it is finally Friday! Archer has 8 days of school left. I have 9 days left. Then it is summer, glorious summer. I signed Archer and Caleb up for tennis lessons ~ they are quite a racket when they play together. Okay, poor play on words, for that I am sorry.

Friday and the sun is shining. Archer is out with Gabe roaming the neighborhood. We call them hooligans, but they are really good boys. They have been fishing several times, enjoying the catch and release in the pond. One day I will follow them to the pond (secretly of course) and take the precious 'boys fishing' picture. It must be done.

I will try to get some cute Archer pictures soon. I know people come for Archer ~ he is our star.

Enjoy your weekend. We are glad to be back!

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