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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Archer is 11! This has been a wild week.
Archer made dinner for Grandma, Grandpa, DeAnne and us on his birthday (Thursday). He went to a birthday party on Friday and spent the night. On Saturday we had his friend party...swimming at the YMCA and then back here for friend fun. The Todd boys spent the night. So, Sunday was to be a quiet day. Archer has three friends over, playing video games...hanging out...low key!
I made my first ice cream cake with the pans Archer bought me for Mother's Day. Pans for Mother's Day so I can make him a birthday cake...he's always thinking.
I have had a hard time taking pictures lately...they have all turned out blurry...just no luck. Oh well. I got a few.


  1. Archer did not get the puppy he was promised when he was a baby, he was supposed to get a puppy when he turned 10, where is it.

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