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Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Birthday DeAnne!

Seventeen years ago our beauty was born. I had always wanted a sister and at 15 my wish was granted. While today is her birthday it is not always the happiest day of the year for her. She has an aversion to the birthday song (as it pertains to her). So, last year was her last party. Her whole family made her cry. So we decided a nice present would be to not do that anymore (at least not on her birthday...we may make her cry at other times though ~ never can tell).

I was going to make a book "10 Things I Love About My Sister," however I didn't get it finished (or really even started) so I am going to list 10 things right now.

1. She has a great sense of humor. A little dry, a little quiet, but she sure is funny sometimes.

2. She is caring. She is compassionate with animals and people. For example, she "took care of" her brother when he tried to cut his knee off with a machete. Caring.

3. She is loyal. Once you are her friend she will totally go to bat for you. Maybe in a quiet way, but if anything she is loyal to her friends and family.

4. She lets me shop with her. Once or twice a year she lets me shop with her. I get to pretend I am not old and totally out of touch for a little while while we hang out. She is a great shopper, she is always up for an Orange Julius as a little break in the day!

5. She has her own sense of style. She knows what she likes and goes with it. When she was young she was seriously a princess and she wanted long BLACK hair. She would wear a wig everyday...Style girl.

6. She is pretty. I know that isn't a good reason to love someone, but she is there is no getting around it and she isn't vain. Just pretty in a nice, clean way. This was completely verified by the modeling agency that wanted to sign her.

7. DeAnne is honest. She will let you know if your butt looks big or if your hair is messed up. She will let you know if she loves your deviled eggs or if the chocolate cake you gave her was the most revolting thing ever. (hehe)

8. She is good at whatever she does and she is super smart. She has tried many things and pretty much she can do anything she puts her mind to...bowling, baton, chemistry, pre-calculus...She tries, she succeeds. It doesn't mean she likes everything she tries, but she is good at almost everything.

9. She is brave. She can stand pain better than I can (well...anyone can...) and isn't afraid of much. She is currently going through a long process where at the end they will break her jaw (yes you read that right BREAK it) and if she is afraid she sure doesn't show it. When she was little she would chase her brother around the yard with worms...Nothing fazes her!

10. She is a daily reminder of my grandparents. She shares a birthday with Papa Louie, who I miss everyday. She is so lucky to share this day with him. She didn't know him well and I am sorry about that, but she should be happy about sharing this day with such a wonderful grandpa. She also reminds us all of Grandma Babe ~ she is a taller, fairer version of Grandma, but those facial expressions and mannerisms are all Grandma. I love that she is a physical reminder of grandparents I love and miss very much!

Happy Day DeAnne! (I promise not to sing. Although I was thinking that maybe it is my voice that causes such distress). I love you. You are a great sister. There are so many ways that I love you and so many ways I wish I could be more like you (I am seriously lacking in the brave department).


  1. Happy Birthday DeAnne!

    I hope your day is great & that no one sings to you ... especially Jerrie! :)


  2. DeAnne, you are a lovely person and i wish you the happiest birthday ever! Everything Jerrie says is true! You are all those things! Love you! Lorinda

  3. Jerrie this it the nicest thing you have done and so true about your little sister. We all love DeAnne and she is everything you said she was, Love you both, Berta


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