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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Hutch and More Snow

I spent Monday putting up some Christmas decorations. Here is the hutch which I love. It is alot of my snowmen (which are all over the house) and one of my favorite places. I love to decorate for Christmas...this "snow break" has given me a headstart!On Monday night Ellie May wanted out soooooo bad! She ran outside, made it to the end of the garage and that was all. Being an indoor/outdoor cat she does not particularly like the snow (she also doesn't like the rain or wind...to wet...to blowy...).
This morning she sat perched on the chair and stared outside with longing in her eyes. She so desperately wants to go out...Notice the drift out the backdoor. She needed the chair because she just sat and meowed (a really pitiful meow). Troy did open the door for her (no snow entered the house) and she sniffed it and backed away like it was going to attack her. She is so tough.

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