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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Coming to a mail box near you....

Since we are not black Friday shoppers, Lorinda and I decided to get together Friday and get a start on our Christmas cards. Usually we have the three boys with us, however Chip kept the kids at their house and Lorinda came to mine and we drank coffee, ate some chips and dip, and cranked out some cards. So, take a look one of these (or one yet to be made) may be coming to your mailbox...Lorinda and I tend to not make the same card over and over. Often we pick a design we like and stick with it until we want to move onto something else and sometimes they are all completely different! It is such fun...we crack ourselves up. I don't think we laugh as much as when we are making cards together.

These are what we like to call the "Whoville cards." They are a limited edition, as we only made one card each with this paper...so if you are the lucky recipient keep it, it is special! :)


  1. We are so talented! I love you, Jerrie! You are the best friend anyone could ever have! LG

  2. Great cards girls ... I already have mine picked out!


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