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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Target Audience?

Since being sick Archer has watched quite a bit of t.v. I am a good mom and know that t.v. makes kids feel better...that is another story. So, the favorite things he has watched in the past four days is the infomercial (a full 30 minutes) of the Magic Bullet. He fell in love. Got so excited. HAD to have it. Well, looking for the mom of the year award, I indulged him in this want. He is paying for half (mostly with manual labor) and he is giddy. He still isn't feeling great, however he took some time to make blueberry muffins for Troy as a "welcome home/we missed you" gift. Lovely. My lovely friend, fellow reader, and all around great shopper, Tami has this Magic Bullet and has told me she loves hers which is one of the reasons I felt I could purchase this infomercial super gadget. Looking forward for some margaritas...For me, not Archer!


  1. Maybe he can make me a cool milkshake!!!

  2. Archer-
    Have you tried an Orange Julius...muy bien!
    This summer try fresh strawberries in a smoothie or fresh peaches. I also use leftover coffee, crushed ice, milk and a scoop of ice cream...
    actually Edaleen coffee flavor is good. This is a good treat for coffee lovers.
    My whole family has Magic Bullets, my sis kathi got hers from the infomerrcial when she was sick and started the whole thing! I think they appeal to sick people:) Go figure! Tami


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