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Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend cute...with Nicholas

John came up for the weekend with "the baby" aka Nick. We had such a good time with John and Nick, although we did miss Renee.
Nick is a doll. He is quiet and serious, yet has a great sense of humor and a sweet smile. John can get him to laugh easy...others take a bit more, as I said he is quite serious. Loves to give Eskimo kisses, thinks Lucy and the cat are great, lights up when he sees DeAnne! He tried saurkraut for the first time and didn't hate it. We went to the park and got some good sliding in. He loved to go head first on his belly - quite the daredevil. I love to see the "boy" come out - he loves to "pass gas" and thinks it is hilarious when he or anyone else does it as well...Such a boy!

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