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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fabulous Fish

This weekend Archer, his friend Bret and a fabulous teacher we know (and his son) went to Silver Lake fishing. Archer loves to fish and such, but we are not really the fishin' sort, so it is awesome when he gets to go with others. All four of them caught their limit and Archer brought home half of them. We haven't eaten them (yet), but they are waiting for a BBQ day (with some friends being that Troy doesn't like fish and I don't make it well).

Fun times for Archer.


  1. Good for him ... but good luck with your BBQ day, if neither of you does fish well ... that doesn't bode well for those poor fish. HA Better them be at your house instead of ours ... oh yeah, there ARE some at our house. Ewwwww!!!

  2. Since you don't like fish ... I'll help you out?? Who got to dissect them...errrr, clean them, I mean. Love from your biological twisted grandmother, Lee


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