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Monday, May 07, 2007

In Reflection.

We have been home for five days and have barely had time to think about our trip. We all enjoyed ourselves and we were all ready to get back home.

It is an amazing experience to travel to our nation's capitol. Where all the *stuff* happens. It was interesting watching the news with Archer the other night and he said "Hey, we were there" (in reference to the Capitol building). I think now, even more than when we were there, is when the real learning happens. This is when it all starts to connect, to come together. Reflection, remembering, connecting - that is learning, that is how this experience (the trip) will affect him for his whole life. Fabulous isn't it?

Air & Space Museum
Steering a plane. Harder than it looks evidently.
Loving this picture...My guys.
The fountain at the National Gallery. I loved this when I was back there (14 years old).
GamesWorkshop. 'Nuf said.
at the George Mason Memorial.
Monkeying around at the National Zoo. Go to the website. It has quite a bit of information for parents, kids, and teachers.

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  1. Excellent! I love the new pictures. I'm glad you all had such a fantastic trip & made so many new memories. :)


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