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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Outdoor Kitten

It has been a month (gasp) since I blogged about any of our feline friends. I think they may be upset about that. :( So sad.

Well, Jazz or Spaz or Kitten...she doesn't know her name it is so sad- she will respond to Kitten most often, but that makes me feel like a child..such as Archer who names their stuffed animals 'Lamby' (the lamb) or 'Beary' (for the ....wait for it...bear!), okay back to the kitten. She has decided she like the outdoors. She wants to run free...just like Ellie May. She was born to be wild (or our small-town version of 'wild' which is not so 'wild' but please don't tell her that).

As our loyal blog readers and friends know Jazz (given name) came into our home about 8 months ago and life has not been the same since. She is kitten through and through. From early morning wake ups to bird stalker, to Horton harasser. She has been yearning (yes, yearning) to go outside for, well..about 8 months and we have finally just given in. Opened the backdoor and out she goes. We tried the leash thing (not her thing) and tried just keeping her in (really not her thing either). So, she goes out.

Ellie May isn't sure about that situation. I think she feels responsible, like she has to babysit (and she does babysit). The kitten (like Ellie May) doesn't wander far. She can be found within a few (maybe 20) feet of the backdoor, but if this makes her feel like a big, bad outdoor cat we are happy to oblige her. Horton likes to venture out as well, however not quite as often, and never very far. I have to say that since she (Jazz, Spaz, Kitten) has been going outside she hasn't been so obnoxious. Still a little, just not so much.

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  1. It HAS been a while since you talked about the cats ... BAD MOM!!! I love the picture of the back of JazzSpazKitten ... nice shot!


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