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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Excitement in our house. New vacuum! Oh yea! Our old vacuum just wasn't cutting it anymore...so took the poor thing in and got this little baby. It has super suction. This time I went to an actual vacuum store and the guy (Steve) was very helpful. So, that is it for today. We are happy because now we have clean floors. Really clean (minus the permanent stains and stuff). I am sure there will be a post soon with Archer doing the floors...he is a master house cleaner. :)


  1. Poor Steve & his negative butt. We should totally get him butt implants!!!

  2. He cleans...he cooks...he's smart...and well-behave...he's super kid!! Seriously, Jerrie. I am so jealous. ;o)

    While searching for vintage Jamie photos for her blog I found some really sweet shots of Archer's first pumpkin carving and Christmas parties...emailing to you soon!



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