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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Alex!

Last night we celebrated Alex's birthday with a family trip to Billy McHales! Today Alex turns 20! 20! Yikes. Since I was 13 when he was born that must make me 21! Haha! Alex, like myself, loves birthdays because it equals free food (which is important when you live on your own and have no money) and presents. He raked in some good stuff! Guitar Hero 2 for the 360, Reno 911 The Movie, some clothes, a freezer and groceries! Our HAPPY Birthday Boy!
Alex & Chase. I wish I had a photo of them from when they were young. These two have known eachother since Kindergarten, graduated together, work together and are roomies. It is awesome to have friends that have known you forever (and still like you :)) BTW DeAnne was going to marry Chase when she was little - I don't see that happening...too funny - she just loved her brother's friend. Sweet.
Alex, Archer, DeAnne. Goofy!

Alex is probably one of the funniest, sweetest people I know. Here are some random memories that should bring back memories for many...

1. School X-ing...ah ha...
2. Is the truck really broke? or dear Alex is it just out of gas? Just wondering.
3. Grandma are you Jewish? (just a few candles short)
4. Walking through school in his undies...Stripping to underwear in front of Grandma and Grandpa's neighbors...hmmm
5. Locking keys in car while it is running. (this is a genetic trait I think...although I have never done it)

Just a smattering of memories to embarrass him (which rarely happens)!

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  1. Happy Birthday Alex ... have fun being 20! Once you turn 21 people actually expect things of you!!! :)


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