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Thursday, July 05, 2007


After selling fireworks for a week (11 hours a day!) it was great to come home, sit down, and enjoy Troy's fireworks display. Troy takes much pride in his display...hand choosing each firework himself, planning the display order, and in the end putting on a pretty awesome show! Our friends, Tom, Marla, Terence, Cheryl, Calob, and Callie joined us for the festivities. It was great to sit back and admire all the fireworks I have been looking at in their containers all week. Fun times. *No pictures from last night - spent the evening chatting with friends and admiring fireworks!

Looks so sad the next morning...knowing all the beauty has been blasted out of these boxes!

We sat here. I know everyone was curious. Haha!

Debris scattered everywhere! Through the yard, on the cars, probably throughout the neighborhood! Oh the joy of explosions! (I looked in that box and found that we even have a few leftover! Shocking!)

Can you set off fireworks without a beer? I think not!

The grand finale! Fantastic!

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  1. Thanks for another 4th of pyromania fun! I'm glad Troy didn't blow his face up ... it was questionable a couple of times! Fun fun fun ... can't wait for next year! (we are invited, right?)! HA


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