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Saturday, July 07, 2007

More Birthday

Archer has had a pretty good birthday (so far). Grandma Lee and Papa George are coming tomorrow...

We had a bbq this evening. Fun times had by all. The boys played on the new caster/wave board thing...

Here are a (very) few pictures from the day. My camera batteries ran out right before the cake and I didn't change them right away, so I will have to wait to get those pics from my mom.
He got a t.v. from Berta and Paula. He has wanted one for his room...He doesn't have cable (and won't be getting it either), however he does have a dvd player and can hook up a game system.

Unwrapping Guitar Hero II! What a fabulous game! I am really bad, but it is really fun! Evidently my sister is really good, can't wait for her to come home and show off for us. (Did I use the word really enough here?)
Grandpa Rocks!
Rock out Archer!

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  1. It looks like Archer got some REALLY great presents tonight. I know Calob REALLY wants to play Guitar Hero and I'm sure he'll be REALLY fantastic!!! :)


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