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Thursday, August 02, 2007


We spent a day (and a half) in Berne, IN. George grew up in Berne which is a Swiss community settled by Swiss Mennonnites over 150 years ago. It is common to see Amish buggies traveling down the roads as well seeing their homes scattered through out the country side. We were able to go to Swiss Days and walk around town, listen to music and of course, eat some Berne food. Archer and I really enjoyed the apple dumplings (I think Archer is even going to try to make some...yum).

At one of George's cousin's houses Archer found a friend and playmate with Lilly, who is a year and a half Golden Doodle. With some of George's family. (His cousin is Cindy - the lady in front looking sideways).
We loved this cat who makes his home at one of the local stores.

We went to the Swiss Heritage Village which has buildings as they were in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The Luginbill guys at the Luginbill house.

Inside the Luginbill House.
George's cousin, Mike, was working at the Swiss Heritage Village in the doctors office, but took a few minutes to talk 'car' with Troy.
This was fascinating. A VERY large, hand carved wooden screw that is part of the largest cider press in the world which is now located at the Village. WOW!

Archer LOVED the Weiner Dog Races that took place at the Village. Fun times!


  1. Those first two pictures look like they're taken in a store ... not a house ... is that really a house? And I thought Archer was holding a stuffed animal ... I didn't realize it was real! HA I like the Luginbill guys by the Luginbill house! Very cool!

  2. You guys take the best vacations! Indiana looks pretty fun.


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