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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Here we go again

After a busy summer it is "off to school we go." Archer begins 7th grade (yikes, I can barely believe it!) and I begin my first year as a teacher (with a contract)! Archer is excited - he got the classes he wanted and besides being to early in the morning he loves middle school. I hope his love of school continues this year as well.

On another note...Last night I had my brother, Alex, and his friend Jeremy out for dinner. We don't see much of Alex anymore - which I find sad. He used to spend so much time with us, but now he is a man with a job and has to pay for gas and such so being a town away makes our visits not as often as I would like. I was thrilled that he said yes when I invited him for dinner. And it was great to be joined by Jeremy, who has been friends with Alex forever! Alex brought out his X-Box 360 and left it with us for a few weeks so my guys can play it. With the addition of the 360 we basically have an arcade at our house...fun times for sure!
While in Indiana Troy's cousin Scott taught Archer how to make goo. Over the weekend Grandma and Grandpa brought the supplies that traveled with Karen and Bill from Indiana, so Archer showed Alex and Jeremy how to make homemade goo. This is very important and every boy should be able to make goo at home...geez...I remember buying that stuff for Archer.

Happy School Days!


  1. Sheesh, such boys! Girls would never sit around playing video games like that ... HA! :)

  2. Glad you had a nice visit with your brother. My kids love goo. Sounds like fun!

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