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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where you can find me...

next Friday! Trader Joe's (long awaited) is finally ready to open - next Friday! I am usually not one of those "go opening day" types, but I need me some Trader Joe's. I actually have a shopping list of my TJ stuff that I haven't gotten because no trips south have happened lately. I am so happy and so excited! (there were even people in the store working when I took this!) See you there!


  1. Yay ... I can't wait! When you sent me that picture yesterday, it was SO exciting!!! I hope Nicholas is ready for a day of fun with 2 crazy ladies!!! :}

  2. So what is Trader Joe's???? Never heard of it before!

  3. Maybe I'll go up at lunch to check it out!! I can't wait to see what Trader Joe's is all about!

  4. See you there! I am so excited to be soooo close to Joe's. Now I won't have to buy cases of wine per visit!
    Swedish pancake mix..mmmm!


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