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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Home and Healthy

For those who didn't know Horton had a bit of a health scare this week. He went to the vet on Wed and had to spend the night. Poor thing had to have three (count 'em 3!) enemas! How awful. He has lost 8+ pounds since this summer (which is good because he has a weight issue, but kinda scary because he hasn't been feeling well).

Diagnosis as of Thursday he is okay. Not constipated anymore. He has to have monthly enemas (yuck!) and we have changed his diet. He is a senior now (old man) so the vet thinks his diet food may be to dry so we are mixing it with senior - which both the kitten and Ellie May want!

Anyway...I am sure everyone wanted to hear about Horton's health (especially the constipation part!). We are just glad to have him home and healthy!

This isn't a new picture (I'm too lazy for that right now), but it is a cute one (and Cheryl's favorite) which I think I have shared before, but it is worth another post!



  1. I'm glad Horton is home & feeling better. Heck, with all those enemas he should be feeling GREAT!!!

    I do LOVE that picture!!! Although, he does look a little fatter in that picture than he does now ... but it's adorable. Poor thing, isn't that soon after Jazz came to your house?!?!?

  2. I saw Troy at the Vet as I was dropping my puppies off for their grooming.

    I think my dogs are greatful that they didn't have Horton's treatment!!

  3. Glad that Horton is feeling better! I love that picture of him!


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