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Sunday, October 21, 2007

LPM Open House

Friday night was the museum's annual Open House. The museum is celebrating 31(?) years this year! Yea!

Archer was the night's photographer and did a fine job! He got pictures of almost everyone working (I didn't show them all here). This is a new camera for the family and he is 12, so I think the pics turned out pretty good. I didn't "fix" any of them and a few have glasses glare, but you can still see a great time was had by all. You may also notice that he tended to take pics of people he knows, hence the pics of Calob and Callie...he did take a few of other visitors interacting with the exhibits and presenters...

*Tami (my loyal blog reader, mini-bookclub member, and 'boss' -hehe - of the museum) and I

*Cheryl & Callie. Enjoying the night...waiting to go home!

Callie in the Children's Bedroom (one of the newest exhibits done by an intern from WWU).

Callie and Calob on the Hotel balcony.

Susan & Karen. Just hanging out.

Terence in the Parlor. The organ behind belonged to my great-Grandmother.

Belly up to the bar and visit with Bob. I am sure he wasn't serving actual drinks. Right Tami? :)

Troy, Larry the Logger, and ? Larry is the resident logger - volunteers to 'dress down' and participate in the Open House and Education programs.

Col. Jim the egg and constant joke-telling man! He has been with the museum since it began in 1976! Wow - that is dedication!

Troy being Troy. He is in the Natural Resources exhibit. He particularly likes the chirping birds (which don't chirp at this time - thank goodness) because this one is right below his office!

Thanks for the pictures Archer!


  1. Nice work Archer!We look pretty good Jerrie unless you compare us to the pic by my desk...then we have aged!

  2. Archer did a great job on the pictures!! Let us know when the open house is next year and we'll come down!

  3. Archer did a GREAT job taking pictures ... I'm quite impressed!!!

  4. I think Archer did a FANTASTIC job with the pics! And it looks like it was a great time!!!! The museum is definitely on my list of places to visit next time I make it out that way.

  5. It's been so long since I did volunteer work there, it looks like there have been some great improvements!!


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