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Monday, October 29, 2007

more kitties

These pictures are from last weekend. Seriously these cats are so funny. Ellie May wanted in. Jazz wanted to annoy Ellie May (as the baby I think she believes annoying the others is her job and she takes it seriously). So, being the nice person I am I snapped some pics of them before letting Ellie May in and Jazz out (possibly). Ellie May, while a pain most of the time, is the best to photograph. It seems like when she sees the camera she will strike a pose at least for a bit...notice she is looking right at me. She does this regularly when we want to take her picture -she's a model! :)haha.
Of course she went right back to fighting with Jazz and insisting on being let in.


  1. Aren't animals funny. They do the craziest things!

  2. Your cats are a bit odd when it comes to going in & out of the house. :)


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