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Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Weekend.

Our weekend was a nice combination of rest and work.
  • Troy and I went downtown shopping at the antique stores. Troy found treasures. I did not.
  • I had a Gingerbread Latte! Just one. I was good. Yum!
  • Troy mowed the lawn and prepared the back patio/yard for winter.
  • Archer raked and swept the driveway.
  • Troy took a nice nap with Horton.
  • I watched lots of CSI and Court TV.
  • I went to Treasury of Memories for their open house. Bought lots of goodies.
  • Archer played lots of WOW! and watched The Santa Clause (the first time this season - many more times to come I am sure).
  • I made the Halloween cupcakes finally...Archer ate the cupcakes! (Last year we carved our pumpkin 2 weeks after Halloween!)
The napping room. Horton likes to lay on top of people to sleep. Eventually he falls off!

Archer veggin' while watching t.v.

Our Halloween cupcakes! Yum!

Archer has enjoyed many cupcakes this weekend!

While I was at the Treasury of Memories open house I picked up a kit to make the JOY frames. It comes with the frames and letters - just choose your own paper. I think the JOY will go on my hutch...not sure yet.

I also picked up this snowman vinyl and frame and added some cute snowflake paper! I love getting in the Christmas spirit. I spent about 20 minutes total on both project. Easy and cute!

Now it is Monday. It is very windy and will hopefully be a quiet day at home! And as it is Veteran's Day I just want to give a big thank you to all the veterans today and thank those who are currently serving in the armed forces. Thank you!


  1. I did find the 3 framed J ~ O ~ Y after we talked when Cheryl and I were at TOM ~ without you!

    Your finished ones look great!

    And I also thank all Veterans!

  2. Nice weekend! TOM show and tell makes me want to go...I am waiting until Dec. tho..
    Also, I like Archer's zombie eyes while watching tv.

  3. Oh those are the perfect weekends! I love those!

    I had a cat that used to sleep on my stomach while I was pregnant with Kayla....I provided lots of comfy room for her.

    You are too funny with your Halloween procrastination! At least you do eventually do it!

  4. I like your assortment of pictures ... they capture an entire weekend of nothingness ... PERFECT! :)

  5. Sounds heavenly! Gingerbread latte, napping, antiquing, baking, shopping and puttering...fun!

    I love this time of year too!


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