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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thankful for our finest

Thankful that our small town has enough police officers to man the railroad tracks while the crossing bars are down....

Of course there must be a story behind this right? Well...we live on the railroad tracks and on occasion the "dingers" (aka crossing bars) malfunction and get stuck down. People just turn around in our driveway or sometimes drive through if we tell them it is okay. Then someone just calls the railroad and someone comes out to fix it (after a long while), however today someone who was stuck on the road called the police. The police showed up a bit ago and are now directing traffic. I have found it a tad funny - three police officers guiding traffic due to the malfunctioning of the "dingers." Maybe it is just funny to me because I am used to it. It isn't even that busy of a road...

We don't even hear the dingers anymore. Really, when the train whistle blows I hear that, but the dingers? No. Those are like white noise.

Picture taken from my living room window...

So far the dingers have been down for about an hour...

Now this is excitement!!!


  1. I wonder if this will make front page news tomorrow?!? :)

  2. Wow, am I ever glad I didn't get stuck in that Lynden traffic Jam!! It might have taken me a minute longer to get home!

  3. This is just too funny! I guess it's good that you have so little going on in your town right now that the cops can direct traffic on a residential road!


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