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Thursday, December 13, 2007

After all these years

Archer and Kelby have been great friends since the first grade. Archer was sad when half way through first grade his new friend moved to Florida and was ecstatic when Kelby (& Trevin, Kelby's twin brother) moved home. The have all been close friends and now that Kelby and Trevin go to a different school they take every opportunity they can to hang out. Archer calls Teresa (the mom) his second mom and thinks of Hailey (the sister) as the closest thing he has to a sister.

I love the relationship he has with the boys. They are more than friends, they are brothers. Come New Year's Eve all the boys will be at our house for their annual New Year's Party/Sleepover...

I love these pictures of Kelby & Archer. Of course Kelby wouldn't stay serious for a minute...Kelby had to eat the cheese spread from the can because of his new braces!


  1. It's good Archer & Kelby are such good friends ... Kelby is a total nerd & every kid needs 1 friend like that. C'mon, you just know that my Calob is perfectly normal!!! :)

  2. I remember when Kelby was born. We lived across the street and I brought some cinnamon rolls over.
    His Mama was tired!


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