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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Merry & Bright

Here are a few "scenes" from our home right now. I am still in the process of decorating. I like to take things nice and slow and savor this time. I know some people put everything up all at once, I however take my own sweet time - actually I would have to say my Christmas decorating is much like any other time of the year...constantly evolving - a tweak here, a little move here, adding something, putting something away...constant process.
One of my all time favorite decorations is this Santa light that my mom passed down to me (I have a Jack-o-lantern one too). This guy was always in our house at Christmas as I was growing up and I love him! He is dated 1968 and may be my oldest decoration. Definite heirloom piece!

The tree as it is so far. I need a few more things and it needs to be tweaked a bit (I am constantly moving ornaments around), but it is perfect right now and I love to sit by its glow drinking my eggnog and reading a book.

The scene outside this morning. Oh I am sad that it is raining and turning slushy. Love the white in winter. Snow = cozy!

Cuddlin' with the kitten. Such a lover. Look how she has her paws around his arm. Darling.

My new sign. Love it and added the snowflakes today. Thank you Lee for the beautiful snowflakes!

My JOY frames (as seen in an earlier post).

It wouldn't be Christmas without the basket of Christmas books. Some old favorites and some new. Some that are "too young" for Archer, but he loves anyway...Never too old for a feel good Christmas story. And the Santa train...Love it. We have had it since Archer was two and it is adorable (everyone needs a train around the tree right?).

Enjoy the season. Keep things Merry & Bright!


  1. awwww, Jazz hugs your arm just like Tamara does ... SO cute!

    I do like the snowflakes. They look very pretty hanging on the ribbon.

    The snow is just about gone ... lots of slush around though!


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