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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I went shopping with Cheryl at Costco today and I fell in deep love with this chair! It reclines and massages...It is pure joy! As a matter of fact it is called the Human touch iJoy chair. And as the name says I JOY this chair! So if anyone out there feels the need to buy me an expensive present I would really love this chair! I may never leave the house again, but I would be so happy!


  1. I am SO glad I captured that moment of bliss ... now you can always go back & remember it as I'm not sure you'll be getting the chair! :)

  2. I would SO buy you this chair, but - alas! - I'm too far away...cuz if I buy it, I'm gonna get some butt-time in it too! LOL

  3. A vibrating chair the next best thing to...never mind!

  4. That does look like a very pleasant chair!

  5. Troy should read your blog for a good anniversary or birthday hint cuz they are coming.
    Loved the card and photo you sent...thanks!


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