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Monday, January 07, 2008


I completed these cute LOVE frames today. I bought them on New Years at Treasury of Memories. To see another version (the black frames) look at Tami's blog from a few days ago. Tami is all Valentine's Day-ed up, while I am finally putting away the last of my Christmas decorations. I think I have my Christmas stuff put away, with the exception of a few snowman things that can stay out for awhile longer. Love my snowmen.
In other news - Archer had an eye appointment today. Last month (?) Archer got "the letter" about his vision. He has never received "the letter" before - even without glasses - so when "the letter" came home I was a bit surprised. Being the wonderful mom that I am I said that I wasn't taking him into the eye doctor until his next scheduled appointment. Well...after realizing I didn't win mom-of-the-year last year I thought I should get a start for this year and actually checked when his next appointment was (March) and decided if he is really having a problem maybe I should make an appointment (duh). So, we went today. He needs a new prescription, his eye sight is becoming progressively worse, yet the good news is his focus is improving! So, watch out ladies I am SO in the running for mom-of-the-year! Hahaha!


  1. LOVE the LOVE!

    At least you've been to the Dr. now. I'm sure there's no major damage done. Only a few years of counselling will be necessary!

  2. The frames are cute ... you did a good job.

    I knew I'd beat you this year ... the title of "Mom of the Year" is certainly mine! :)


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