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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


When I went out with Lorinda over the weekend I picked up this vinyl transfer at the scrapbook store. I love it. I love living in a small house. I am not saying that living in a small house is always easy (it isn't - especially with 2 guys, 1 bird, and 3 cats), but I wouldn't have it any other way - at least not right now. When we do eventually move we will probably move into a bigger house (pretty much anything will be bigger than this...well I am sure there are smaller houses - just not by much!).

Anyway. I really love this saying. I put it on the wall next to the front door.


  1. VERY cute ... and make sure when you move into your BIG house that there's a room for ME! :)

  2. Maybe you could buy a HUGE house and we could all live in it!

  3. Amen! And you only have to clean one bathroom.


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