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Friday, January 04, 2008


I've been watching the clouds the last couple of days - seems like they are really rolling in. It looks like it could storm. I'm just waiting.

I am so glad it is Friday and I can cozy up in my little house with my book, a cup of tea, Troy. Archer is gone to a birthday party tonight and tomorrow night (2 parties -he is a par-tay boy) so I will be missing one of my best cuddlers.

Plans for the weekend are relaxed. Clean a little, read a little, relax a little. Sounds good.

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  1. Oh yeah, the clouds are most definitely looming overhead. Such a lovely site ... NOT!!!

    You'll miss Archer until he comes home ... that's how it usually works. :) I invited you to spend the night tomorrow night too ... the offer still stands!


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