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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kristin Hannah

Yesterday afternoon I was browsing the Village Books website and saw that Kristin Hannah was going to be there. At 7:00. Last night. Well, it was no question I was going to go. Archer goes to church in Bellingham anyway, so I called my mom and she said she would pick him up for me. Yay!

I then called Cheryl and asked her if she wanted to go. After a little schedule fanagaling she was able to go as well. I have seen a few authors - have been to readings and signings, but I have never seen Kristin Hannah, so this was a treat. I enjoy her books and she is a local NW author which is great. She did a little reading, from the beginning of the book (I like that as I haven't read the book yet and so nothing is ruined for me), then did a Q&A. She was relaxed, a bit funny, and seemed like someone you would like as a friend.

Signing books.Her new book is Firefly Lane!

Me, Kristin, and Cheryl.


  1. I am SO glad you called & we were able to work it out that I could go as well. Kristin was relaxed & fun to listen to. I also like that she is a NW writer ... there really needs to be more.

  2. Very cool that V Books supports local authors and that you were able to attend and meet her!!

  3. Fun outing, I'll be watching for the book review girlie.

  4. If you and Cheryl keep rubbing elbows with all these authors...yeah, all two of them, then I'm going to expect the two of you to collaborate on a book or something. I'm sure between the two of you, you could come up with some very interesting subject matter! LOL

  5. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I have never read this author but it sounds good so have put it on my 'to read' list. Hope you enjoy the book.

  6. I had that book from the library and didn't have time to read it. I will put it back on my requests. I think it is fun to read NW authors.


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