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Sunday, March 30, 2008


So evidently today is my blogoversary (according to my ticker)! Yay for me! 2 years! WooHoo!

I am feeling much better. Still not 100%, but better and that makes me happy.

As I was making my favorite oatmeal, Irish Oatmeal, this morning I began thinking about those little thing, those simple pleasures that just make my everyday a little happier. I thought I would share a little bit of my list here today.
  • I love knowing that Trader Joes is in Bellingham. Just a quick trip down the road and I can be there. Even when I don't go I am happy just knowing it is there. I can pick up my Irish Oatmeal, Dynamo Juice, maybe a few treats...Love it!
  • Starbucks. And it isn't just about the coffee (Cinnamon-Dolce, half syrup please). It is about the feeling. I love to grab my coffee sit down with a book and spend an hour reading, talking with the other customers and the baristas - It is just a great feeling.
  • My camera. My camera makes me happy. I love that I took on a 365 project. It has really opened my eyes. However has been a bit difficult the last couple of weeks with not feeling well and leaving the house only minimally.
  • My cell phone. I love my phone as most of my family and friends know. It is a little crazy. Hmmm...
  • Books. Love my books. And magazines. I am lost without something to read.
  • My Fiesta Ware. I love using one of the mugs for tea or pulling out a pretty bowl for my oatmeal. I love that what ever mood I am in there is a color that when I open the cupboard door will make me happy.
  • Ribbon. I just love ribbon. You can never have too much. Plain, patterned, checked, paisley - ribbon rocks!
That is it for now. I have a lot of favorite things. Maybe I will share more with you later! :)

What are some of your favorite things? Share!

Have a great day and Enjoy!


  1. Yay! One of my favorite things is a new post on your blog! Glad you are back and a very happy blogaversary(is that a word?) to you! I think I will be lucky to make a year.
    Other favorites...Strawberry season, books, frozen mangos from Trader Joes, summer naps on my patio, my wood stove in the winter,my ribbon bar, tags, green glass, these are a few of my favorite things!

  2. Happy Blogaversary! My favorite thing right now is learning Web design! I've got so many ideas popping into my mind and I'm learning so much. I love learning new things! I also love sleeping in on weekends.

  3. Happy Blogoversary!! Mine's on Friday!!

    Glad to see that you're feeling better!

  4. Happy blogoversary! The time sure does fly, doesn't it?

    I'm not going to list all of my favorite things, as the list would be long & ridiculous at this point. I can hardly think straight let alone make a list that makes any sense. I like your list though, so I'll just work off that for now. ☺

  5. Faves today: Bubblegum fruity amoxicillin for little kids (what flavor is that anyway?) how smart is that to make them like it? - excellent!, being well-ish again (nothing like being sick to make you appreciate health), books, clean counters, coffee, sunshine and blue skies, leaves on the raspberry canes and baby buds on the lilacs!


  6. Happy Bogaversary! I just hit 100 posts...lolol, got a long way to go to catch up to you.
    Faves: cozy pajama pants, creme brulee, cappuccino, lobster bisque at The Met, a trunk full of new plants, a weeded garden, anything in bloom, close-ups of flowers,
    mornings at the cabin when the hot air balloon is cruising by, a personal note in the mail....annndd so much more!


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