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Saturday, May 03, 2008

*stuff* on Saturday

Ready for some super Saturday *stuff*?

First, got some rhubarb from the fabulous Shelly. Thank you much ma'am and I am sure my family will much appreciate it even more once I make something. Yummers.

When I went to pick up the above mentioned rhubarb I found a book waiting for me from my dear friend Tami. I love when a friend recommends a book and drops it off...yay!

I went into Bellingham and went with my mom to the Bellingham Farmer's Market. I hadn't been there for several years and was very impressed with the whole thing. The new building, the set up, the size, the amount of vendors. It was great. I found some cupcakes (I do LOVE cupcakes) from Icing on the Cake, a local company...and the cupcakes were fan-flipping-tastic! I also bought some lemon-verbena natural salt polish from Kristie (my aunt's sister) who owns Birchwood Botanicals. Love her stuff!

Then last, but NOT least, we went to Mallard's. If you are local (Whatcom County) you no doubt have at least heard of Mallards. Most likely you have been there. You have been there right? No? Go. Now. Drop what you are doing and GO! When Troy and I lived in Bham (prior to the arrival of sweet Archer) we lived within walking distance of the old Mallard's location. Wonderful. Lovely. Love it....My dad has been raving (since last year) about a certain type of ice cream they make there. Of course I love ice cream (and cupcakes) and the ice cream sounded good and I thought I should try it. My parents have been going weekly waiting for this ice cream and today...today it was there...I am holding out...it is...wait for it...

RHUBARB ICE CREAM!!!! Yummers. Delightful. Get some because I am not sharing mine! :) haha They also have a rhubarb ice for those who can't have/don't want dairy (the ice was good too I promise)!

Okay. So next weekend or some weekend real soon go to the Bellingham Farmer's Market and eat crepes (oh yea they had a guy there - from FRANCE who makes crepes - yum), stop by the Birchwood Botanicals booth and say hi to Kristie then go to Mallard's and get some Rhubarb ice cream...

Hey Cheryl, guess where we are going next Saturday? (well...unless it is raining then it will have to wait...)


  1. Oh yay, another cupcake place! Did I tell you that "Miss Hope" (Callie's ballet teacher that moved) was planning to go to the cupcake place we went to this year based on my blogging about it? Funny! Anyway, I'm definitely up for doing something FUN next Saturday! If it's raining I might cry ... seriously. I need some FUN!!!!!!!!! ☺

  2. Whooaaaa, hokey-linky-love girl! What a fun day, I need to get me summa-dem cupcakes. Thanks for all the groovy B'ham tips, great post.

  3. I think I want to relive your day. Just wondering tho how this all worked with your little calore counter gadget? Does the cupcake place have permanent spot at the market? Fun day and nice post. Thanks for sharing.


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