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Sunday, September 21, 2008

soaking in...

Last week Archer caught the girls (Ellie May & Jazz) soaking in the last bits of summer. They believe the chairs out back were put there for their comfort and really who am I to argue with these sweet faces? Let me tell you that they are not a bit happy about the onset of autumn. They don't feel quite the same about the changing of seasons as I do. Ellie May believes that water might make her melt (pretty tough for an outdoor cat) and Jazz is just confused by it all. Granted they have had a bit of rain this summer, however they never deal with it well.
(Ellie May, 9.5 years; Jazz aka Spazz 2 years)

What autumn and winter means for the humans in a cat house is cats who want to go outside soooooooo bad and when we open the door they will just look at us like we are nuts. They may venture out for a few minutes and need to come back in because it is wet and how dare we make them go outside in the wet! Sometimes they will even head for a different door with the hope that it won't be wet out that door...Poor kitties. Then, in an effort to amuse themselves they will run around our oh-so-big house playing chase...well...one will be playing chase and the other will just be mad. Oh the glory of living in a cat house.


  1. oh yes, the rough life of indoor cats that THINK they are outdoor cats. I feel for them, I really do. OK, maybe I don't feel TOO bad! :)

  2. What a cute picture...I like the way they have each laid claim to their own chair!

  3. Can you blame the cats for hanging out on the chairs?! They look comfy to me!

    My dog does the same thing when it is wet or snowing. He paces near the door until we go to let him out. As soon as we open the door to reveal the icky weather, he stops dead in his tracks and looks at us like we are crazy for making him go out there!


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