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Monday, September 15, 2008

were you wondering

So...were you wondering where I was this weekend? No? What? Now that isn't nice! Oh, you were joking! Good. Since you were wondering...I went to Bellevue with Cheryl to visit her sister, Donna, and cheer her on as she walked in the 3-day Breast Cancer Walk. Way to go Donna! You're the BrEaST!

Go here for a bit more detail of the weekend (and some pictures). Of course I have pictures that I took, however I haven't been feeling well (in a few different ways...I think Troy & Archer shared last week's cooties with me...and...really you don't want details) since I've been home, so no big fancy post filled with pictures today!


  1. Donna most certainly IS the BrEaST!!! Thanks SO much for going with me. It was a blast!!!

  2. Get well soon Jerrie!!



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