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Monday, October 27, 2008


I have a fabulous friend named Aimee. She is actually my cousin Lorinda's best friend since Kindergarten, so I have known Aimee forever. She is funny and sweet. She always (well almost always) has a smile on her face and a kind word for anyone she sees. She has the best laugh and is so kind. She is the type of person you want to be around.

Almost three years ago Aimee and her husband Keith were blessed with triplets. They brought home three absolutely adorable babies, Lauren, Lindee, and Luke. Those sweet babies are now three months shy of three years old. AND let me tell you they are pros at being toddlers. They probably deserve an award, like best toddler(s) or outstanding performance in a toddler life. Especially after a day after today.

The first few pictures were taken by Aimee's friend over the summer (I stole the pics off Aimee's facebook - I am sure she doesn't mind. right Aim?).Aimee and sweet Lind.

the trips. Lauren, Luke, Lindee

The next few pics were taken today. I will let the pictures and captions speak for themselves. Just know that a lot can happen with three almost three year olds in a very short amount of time. All I have to say is God Bless Aimee...(these pics were all taken on cell phones which would explain the quality/size...sorry).

Luke not sure what is going on. (FYI they did have clothes on at some point, next thing you know babies in diapers...)

Lindee after her first (and hopefully only) self-haircut with a little whiteout and green marker for effect.

Lauren. Yes, that is marker. Lots and lots of marker.

Another look at Lindee's haircut. I think it is important to note that Lindee is almost three and this hair is all she has grown in her whole life. Needless to say her hair grows very slowly...and Aimee was a bit sad to see this.

Love you Aimee!


  1. Poor Archer ... can you imagine how FUN his life would be with 2 more of him?!?!? LOL Seriously, some people are cut out for multiples and some aren't. It sounds as if Aimee is!

  2. I remember the self hair cut ~ all of Emily's long blonde curls laying in the back yard (actually Gord just reminded me it was Katie that cut the curls off of Emily. Emily took her bangs right to the scalp on her own hair cut). So sad!!

    Love the markers though!!!

  3. Extreme Makeover X3! Fun for them. Not for Mom.
    They are beautiful tho and what a blessing for their family. Hang in there mama aimee.

  4. Perhaps the girls are in training for future careers as Hollywood stylists and makeup artists... Anything is possible!

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    P.S. Thanks for the comments about my book cover. I think it's pretty great too!

    P.P.S. Cute kids!!


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