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Friday, October 24, 2008

freedom friday.

What is freedom Friday? Well...of course there is a story. Let's start.
For the past several weeks I have been having some "issues." Not exactly sure what these "issues" are, I just know that I have them. I guess I have been a little grumpy (grumpasaurus rex Tami?)...hmmm...I have been unmotivated, just a little blah - off and on for weeks. 

After many talks with Troy (husband extraordinaire) we both came to the conclusion that I may have a slight (I said slight!) addiction to the internet (ssshhhhhh Cheryl!)

Do you ever feel this way? Do you get sucked in and feel the huge gravitational force of your computer? 

Anyway I do. And lately I haven't been very good at the balance of real life and online life (ssshhhhhh Cheryl!) so I have declared Friday freedom Friday.

Which means I will not: check my email, twitter, check blogs (I will miss you and hope you have some great stuff for me to read on Saturday!), update my mySpace status, or...oh...I can barely write it...I will not go on facebook (I can't believe I just wrote that...I'm feeling sick) - I will not kidnap anyone, I will not move my cars on parking wars...please don't ticket me, I will not send any plants, I will not comment on statuses. I was thinking I could update my status from my phone...I wonder if that will defeat my purpose.

Because that is what this day is about. It is about my purpose. About me remembering balance. About finding my motivation (maybe it is under the laundry). Maybe I should change my status now...hmmm....

Troy thinks I need two or three days, however I think one day is plenty...it is going to be hard. I know it. Having the computer centrally located in the living room is usually fantastic - I am thinking Friday it will be difficult. Geez this makes me sound bad...like an addict (which I am). I probably will turn on my computer though because that is where all my music is, however that may be a little dangerous for me...We'll see.

What I will do: take Archer to school, exercise, drink coffee, pick Archer up. Those things I know for sure. I will also probably do a little of what I need to (laundry, dishes) and a little of what I want to (scrap, read).

and here is just a little fun. Everyone has been doing these yearbook photos so I thought I would play too. Enjoy. I actually liked these two! 

1974 (the year I was born).

Have a fantastic Friday! Wish me luck!


  1. My oh my, I sure do wish you loads of luck with this! I'm a wee bit worried ... about you & me too. lol

    Enjoy your day. Hopefully you'll get lots done & won't have to take a day off from all your "puter peeps" again any time soon!

  2. That's why I'm not twittering, facebooking or myspacing...blogging is already a little freaky. I'm blog-crazy at home, when I'm at the cabin and without a computer I don't miss it at all...but when I get back home - guess what...straight to the computer to check blogs and e-mail, before I even unpack. It's a little goofy. Good for you, I think it will be a bit of a challenge but you can do it girl!


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