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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

right now.

It seems that every season, every week, every day there are new things for me to love. Love may be a strong word, but that's the one I'm using right now.

So, things I love at this time:
  1. Coffee-Mate Italian Sweet Creme (when I'm not at Starbucks - which is most days now!)
  2. Jimmy Smits on Dexter. He creeps me out about as much as Dexter does.
  3. Pumpkin butter from Trader Joe's on my toast in the morning. (FYI- there is a recipe for Pumpkin Butter Cream Cheese Puffs on TJ's website. I think I might need to try these!)
  4. my Wii Fit. I have gotten to the point where I don't HATE the trainer, the balance board or anything related to the Wii.
  5. Mario Cart. I NEEEEEEEED Mario Cart or maybe I don't...hmmm....
  6. Clean Eating Magazine. Full of great information and lots of recipes (pumpkin oatmeal...yum!).
  7. my pile of pictures from "the week in my life" documentation. I have the pictures, the album, and supplies - now I just need to sit down and create. So looking forward to this!
Any favorites to share with me?


  1. We have Mario Cart if you want to try it & decide if it's a NEED or a WANT. :) Just bring over some of that pumpkin butter and maybe those cream cheese puffs & we'll be set!!!

  2. I adore driving to work right now and seeing all the beautiful leaves that are starting to change colors. I love going to football games in the evening and having to wear a sweatshirt.

    I still haven't received my first issue of Clean Eating yet, so I'm not so much loving that magazine right now.

  3. Here are some of mine:

    Also loving Pink Magazine, Lipstick Jungle, and making Halloween costumes for the kids with my mom (mostly out of stuff I already have). E's going to be a super hero (Super E!) and M wants to be "...a fish - a yellow and blue one like Flounder on The Little Mermaid..." oh, boy!

  4. The 'Fall light' in my back yard. Love it and do not have the skills to capture with my camera. sorry
    New flannel sheets ready to be put on the our bed.
    Anything pumpkin.
    Max's football games.
    Comfort food for dinner.
    Candles on the table at dinner.
    The squirrels gathering nuts in our yard.
    Colors! Love Autumn!

  5. Umm... yeah, I am also now addicted to Coffee-Mate Italian Sweet Creme. It rocks!!! And, of folks at the Safeway near me agree since there were only two left in stock (other flavors had at least 20 bottles). Yummmmmmyyyy!



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