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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy November!

As November rolls around I am finally feeling "in the swing" of autumn. My body and mind have adjusted to the cooler weather, darker mornings. I have enjoyed watching the leaves swirl down off the trees and all the glorious colors only this season brings. Looking forward to another month of splendid autumn (then the winter/autumn begins and while I enjoy it - I love the snow don't hate me - the rest of technical autumn doesn't have the same feel).

I like November. For me it is a perfect mixture of quiet, relaxing days and days filled with fun and joy. Of course I look forward to Thanksgiving at the end of the month as well as many birthdays (Troy & Lorinda turn 37 this year - I'm just sayin' is all). However, for the most part the days are "normal" - home with the family, coffee with friends.

A few days ago I shared a quote on gratitude and it seems like November is really a perfect time to really reflect on being thankful and gracious. A month to slow down and remember/reconnect with what is important. I plan on sharing some of my favorite collected quotes on gratitude and thankfulness this month and share some of what I am thankful for as well - from the big stuff (family, friends, health) to the little stuff (no red lights in B'ham -haha, coffee )...I have started many gratitude journals, you know the ones that are suppose to be filled out daily, and usually only get a few days in before I forget to fill out a day, then two...you see where this is going. So, I am hoping to document a month here. We will see.

I love this quote:

“He who can give thanks for little will always find he has enough”

Today I am thankful for: Horton who is home and healthy at this time, green tea, and my electric kettle from Starbucks.

So, to you all I wish you a wonderful November!

p.s. photo is by my dear mother-in-law, Lee, taken in her garden


  1. Gorgeous photo! I am thankful for a (relatively) pain-free workout this morning! I am also thankful for this gorgeous weather we are currently having in Illinois! Last weekend it was in the 40s and this weekend - 60s! WOO!

  2. Excellent idea, Jerrie. I'm going to try it too. I've done gratitude journals over the years with the same result, and the best one I kept was on my computer in Outlook at work. The list was pretty long... so, here's to gratitude in November for a whole month rather than just one day.

  3. Happy November ... I'm loving it so far! :)

  4. Beautiful photo!
    And quite a lovely post my dear...very nice.

  5. I am thankful to have online friends like you! You have some of the best pictures and best quotes all throughout your blog! :)


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