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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Have a holly, jolly Christmas;
It's the best time of the year
I don't know if there'll be snow
but have a cup of cheer
Have a holly, jolly Christmas;
And when you walk down the street
Say Hello to friends you know
and everyone you meet."

In the heart of Christmases past I share with you Christmas memory #78 - visiting the Yeager's Santa. Yeager's is a local sporting goods store and we would take at least one trip every year to go visit Santa. Santa was known the rest of the year as Grandpa Glen. He was a good friend's grandpa and I grew up with him...he was the perfect Santa. Always jolly. Kids loved him. And he always gave me extra candy canes!
1988 was a fine, fine year. Obviously. Look at that hair. We could de-construct this photo and have a field day, however we will just say that I was an adorable high-schooler and leave it at that. Ok? No? Let me give you the run down. The hair - peroxide and perm ('nuf said). The clothes - the sweatshirt belonged to my friend Simon and said "Whoa Chill Out Dude," and the shorts (which thankfully you can't see so I'm not sure why I am sharing) were, well, shorts in December (wonder where Archer gets it?). They were cut-off black and white tie-dyed stretch pants (from New York people)...They were glorious. Anyway...I think we can all agree that I was super cute!

This picture mixes a bit of this year's decor in with a Christmas past picture. One of my project this season was this cute little 7-gypsies frame. I have wanted to frame this adorable picture of Archer from his first Christmas. It is one of my favorites. I converted the pic to black and white since the reds of his suit and the frame didn't match matted it on some cute Making Memories paper threw a couple Creative Imaginations stickers on there and wa-la finished! And I love it. My sweet baby boy!

On another note: We got some SNOW today and tomorrow is a SNOW DAY - yay! no school! I say yay - I know there are other parents out there that aren't quite so thrilled. I still love snow days...there is something magical about them. I don't even mind the kids making them up in the summer - and Archer doesn't either by the way...He is a proponent of year-round schools, but that is a post for another day. Maybe I will sit down with him and we will do a post about it.
Our cats hate the snow. Makes them housebound, like the rest of us. The wind the past week has driven them crazy and now the snow...I think they need extra treats. This is a cat's view of the outdoors when we open the door. No wonder they slink away in defeat.

Happy Snow Day (if you get one tomorrow)! Enjoy!


  1. I really like the cat's view picture and I just realized that your page is snowing!! How cool is that!

    The old pictures are fun too!

  2. I'm with Archer. Year-round school rocks! I attended such a school my senior year in South Africa and it was nice to have lots of shorter breaks all year long.

    Excellent snaps and snow! Fun. We got a little, but it stopped (as of now). Maybe we'll get more tomorrow (probably, since Joel and I have a babysitter and a date scheduled tomorrow night!)

  3. great pics. I wish I would not be so lazy that I would not put some oldies but goodies up!

  4. Ok. Now I'm mad. We got at LEAST that much snow and we're not having snow days. We are due for a hugantic ice storm today, but yet here I am still at work. And my kids are still in school. Ugh!

    However, tomorrow I may be whining because we have no electricity. Luckily for you, I won't be able to access your blog to do it on, so you'll just have to imagine me doing it. K? K!

  5. I miss 80's hair myself. :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, it meant a lot.


  6. I prefer tall americano with 1 pump SFCD -room for cream!
    LOve your blue house in the snow!


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