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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

“Count your joys instead of your woes; Count your friends instead of your foes.” - Irish saying

I like the saying above because it reminds me of Archer. He is pretty lighthearted and carefree. He is friends with most people he comes across and the few he doesn't get along with he doesn't fret over. Lots of joys and few foes. That is Archer.

I thought I would do a little this and that post about Archer today (as I had the cute picture taken when we went to Gig Harbor over the weekend.

Archer's {this and that}:
*watches That '70s Show every morning before school and sometimes after school
*has gotten really "into" music lately from today's Top 40 to our 80s faves to country to alternative to 60s & 70s...He has eclectic taste just like his mom and dad...Current faves - Word Up (yep, by Cameo) and You Spin Me Right Round (you really can't hear that one enough - believe me.)
*requests Shephard's Pie at least two nights a week for dinner. He loves meat, gravy and potatoes
*makes coffee at home and drinks his fair share
*loves animals
*sleepwalks still (kinda thought he might outgrow this)
*is learning to play cribbage from his Grandpa David
*likes playing all sorts of games. Of course he loves video and computer games (he is a WOW kid and Call of Duty? LOVES it). However, he also likes Monopoly (I hate it, but play it because I am working on that mom-of-the-year award), Clue, Blink (he always wins), and Jenga. However, he does not like Boggle at all!
*likes school - never complains about going. He actually thinks year round school sounds like a good idea.
*enjoys going to the eye doctor and dentist (so not my child)
*loves his family. He thinks all of his grandparents are cool - loves to spend time with them. He adores his aunt DeAnne and thinks uncle Alex is the best.
*likes to build things - wood shop is one of his favorite classes and is looking for wood to build his mom shelves over spring break or summer...first I have to decide what I want.
*he's a great kid that is growing up just way to fast. I drove by the high school yesterday after school and saw the flocks and it really dawned on me that that is where he will be next year. Makes me excited, sad, anxious, hopeful...all those and more.

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive is a FANTASTIC song! It's one of my fave 80's songs for sure. Rock on Archer!

    Yes, the growing up too fast thing seems to have taken hold of all the kids. What's up with that? I think the high school is a scary place ... don't make me go!!!

  2. AAACCKK!! High school??! Wow. Yes, too fast, I agree.

    Archer is an amazing kid. But, hey, he's got amazing parents too.

    I love Clue, and Shephard's Pie too. Oh, and I love that Archer loves to cook. That's fantastic. And, I can't see the Magic Bullet and not think of him. We saw one at Costco a few weeks ago, and Joel said, "Hey look, Archer's Magic Bullet."

    Oh, and Madeline saw a guy the other day at TJs and said, "Hey, Mom, that guy looks like Archer." And, he did. I was pleased that she noted the resemblance only, instead of believing he WAS Archer.

  3. He sounds like a great kid! And what is up with parents NOT letting kids drink coffee--esp decaf? I never understood that. Now I've got 'You spin me right round baby right round' in my head!

  4. I like Archer. He sounds like Matt... which is always a good thing. :)

  5. Sweet post. It does go fast, frighteningly so.
    We love cribbage at our house, we tend to play on the patio in the summer while waiting for dinner to be done on the grill.
    High school- yikes! Seems like yesterday Archer was a little guy toddling around the museum, now, a really really nice young man.

  6. Once they get to high school, it goes even faster, trust me. They have so much going on and it just flies right past you!

  7. Some day I'll come visit Washington and all my friends up there, and I'll get to meet you and your awesome kid in person! Hope it's before he's in college :) I love that picture of Archer. Very nice!

  8. I was showing Katelyn my niece our wedding album and there was a picture of Archer as a wee one. He has grown into such a nice young man with a lot of great qualities. You and Troy have done a fabulous job, you must give yourselves some of the credit!!


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