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Monday, March 30, 2009

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” - Roy Disney

Hi friends! Today marks my third blogoversary
(I would like to thank Teena in Toronto for reminding me as I think I would have forgotten! Thanks Teena!)
and I don't have a fancy-dancy post planned. Really? What did you expect from me?

I really just want to say thank you. Thanks to my friends and family who not only endure my constant, "I think I'm going to blog this," or "No, look cute, I want a picture for the blog," but also tell me when I should blog something (uh...thanks). My friends and family are also my devoted readers - they will read no matter what...even if it's crap (huh?).
(random childhood photo. I love it. I think...cute me!)

I also want to thank my new bloggy friends. Those who I don't know, but who stop by and glimpse into my life on a regular basis. People like Liz, and Tabitha, and Ali (go visit these ladies...I love them!).

And since it is way to early in the morning to try to think of something clever (which I should have done in preparation (whatever)...I will say...Have a great week!

Here's to Spring! and Here's to another bloggy year!


  1. Happy Blogoversary!!! I love coming by and checking on what you're up to!!

  2. Happy Blogoversary! Hope something spectacular happens! :)

  3. Wow! Three years, definitely something to aspire to...

  4. Happy Blogiversary - we share the day, although mine is 2 years today. Hopefully I'll make it to 3 as well!

  5. You are the first blog I ever heard of. Wow your cool:)

  6. Happy Blogiversary!! That's awesome :) Keep up the great bloggy work!

  7. Happy belated Blogiversary! I'm always a day late and a dollar short. Sorry I missed all the festivities yesterday. Are there any leftover cupcakes? No? Oh. Well. I'll just go stand in the corner and wait then.


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