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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso

I was thrilled when I received a card in the mail from my friend Katrina. It was quite thick, so I was curious as to what was in there. Imagine my delight when I pulled out these beautiful paintings from the kids. I love art made by children. One of the things I miss most about Archer growing up is I don't have the fridge and the laundry room door covered in his work...I love it when Katrina shares Madeline & Erik's masterpieces. What treasures.

I love that M & E told Katrina which picture was for each of us. The top middle was titled, "a rainbow spider web for Jerrie's birthday," the blue one had a note saying "this one is just for Troy," (both by Miss M) and the orange and blue one said, "this pitcher's for Archer" (by E). So much fun. The card on the upper right has been on the fridge for a few months now (made by M) and I have another one from her in my room...Such creativity in them. Love it. Thanks for sharing their art Katrina.

I was also thrilled to find a few coupons for thai food and free cupcakes (YAY)! My friends know me well!


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  2. Oh, you're so welcome!! The kids will be thrilled to see them on your fridge. ;o)

    I was so thrilled to get a Blue Book, and ended up giving it to my brother, but first I flipped through it... And, well, I love my brother, but YOU really needed the free cupcake and Thai deals - but, of course!

  3. I really need to go get some coffee.... can't type at this hour w/o it. ;o)

  4. My boys, especially my 7 yr old, could care less for art--so when he does bring home something from school that he's made it is definitely a keeper!

  5. FREE cupcakes??? That's awesome ... I'm only a tiny bit jealous! :)


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