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Monday, October 12, 2009

Mondays with Mabel

Uh oh! She lost her top! But on a good note we get a little peak inside...the inner workings of Mabel's engine. Pretty neat huh?
Her hood is getting the royal treatment. Stripping away the old layers of paint and getting a fresh coat of gorgeous camouflage green (ultra flat...wouldn't want to be shiny now would we?).
Here she is...no hood, no windshield, partially painted...I bet she feels so exposed.
And to address the question of how Archer is dealing with the new addition. No sibling rivalry. No hostility. He enjoys her and is looking forward to taking her to prom (uh...we'll see about that). Archer has been helping a bit with the restoration...now that tennis is over (or almost over) he will have a bit more time to hang in the garage with the men.

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