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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009

I was cruising blogs yesterday and came across Gwen Bell's blog and her Best of 2009 challenge. I would like to say had I found the challenge earlier I would have participated, however given my blogging history this year it probably wouldn't have happened. So, I am going to do a modified version right now. While this year wasn't just filled with "bests" I like the idea of focusing on the bests...

Best Trip - Anniversary in Seattle with Troy. Hands down.Best Book - If I could only recommend one book that I read in 2009 is would most definitely be The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. If you haven't read it yet. Go. Now.

Best Night Out - I've had several wonderful nights out - very fortunate with that this year. I'd have to narrow it down to a) going to see my friend, Raphael, play his last gig with his latest band back in March. It was so good to see him play again. OR b) girl's night with my book club ladies - saying goodbye to Tracey. Fun times, sad circumstances.

Best Song - I am one of those hear it on the radio/from a friend/etc...and then decide I love a song people. I tend not to buy albums and such.
Wild at Heart, by Gloriana and Smile, Uncle Kracker. These songs make my heart happy.

Best Place(s) - I am tempted to say home because I LOVE home. However, I am going to say Starbucks, Katie's Cupcakes, and the now closed (insert sad face) Treasury of Memories because these are all places I go with my best friend and just feel good. Small treasures.

Best New Food - I am going to go with a restaurant undiscovered by us until this fall. Espinoza in Sehome Village. Fun decor, nice people, a salsa bar and the BEST mole sauce I've ever had. Tea of the Year - My tea of choice has been Earl Grey with milk and sugar. Nothing beats it.

Word or Phrase - 2009 was....can this be summed up with one word? interesting, complicated, just the way it was suppose to be...

Best New Person/Start up - Well technically this "start up" started up in 2008, but I didn't go until 2009 and since then I've loved both the store, Sole Obsession, and it's founder/owner, Kelly. Best shoe store and shoe store owner EVER! Best Coffee - for at home I've fallen in love with the Starbucks Red blend. Otherwise it is a 2-pump cinnamon dolche non-fat, light whip latte from Starbucks when I go out (and possibly gingerbread or pumpkin spice a few times during the season).Learning Experience/Rush - So many, so many. My most memorable learning experience/rush is more of a general lesson. It is the lesson of being a mom of a teenager, it is quite a bit different than other ages. Archer still needs his mom and dad, yet needs his independence and needs to make decisions. Growing up, making new friends, making new friends that are girls (gasp), new social situations. I think we've adjusted well. He's a good kid, it is just filled with learning experiences for mom!

Best Laugh of 2009 - 2009 was filled with laughs. Our house is full of laughter, my best friends always make me laugh and my sister! oh she is hilarious! I am blessed with laughter.

There are so many more things that I could share, but this seems like plenty. 2009 was a good year, 2009 was a bad year...actually 2009 was just a year - filled with ups and downs and all arounds! Looking forward to 2010!

Happy New Years my friends!


  1. Love it!! Happy New Year to you all! Enjoy all of your kids on NYE!

  2. That is a lot of GOODNESS! Yay for good!
    Happy 2010-


  3. Definitely agree with your choice for Best Book! And did I ever tell you, if you get a wild hair and decide to email Markus Zusak and tell him of your undying love for that book, he will write you back and thank you profusely and politely? Oh yeah, baby, he will! He is awesome!

  4. Very enjoyable list ... I'd do one myself but it looks like it requires thinking & I don't "think" I can swing that right now. hahaha ... I'm SO funny!

    Happy happy!


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