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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mondays with Mabel (on Tuesday)

Don't worry. Mabel is still around (really, where would she go?) and her restoration is coming along nicely. Our garage is like a spa for military jeeps. Go figure.

Mabel has been outfitted with some great new *stuff* and I think she's feeling pretty good about it.

Leather covered windshield cushion for when the windshield gets folded down (fancy!).

Black out light.

Center console dust cover.

And new wiper blades, windshield and little screws to hold the windshield in...and Troy showing me how the wipers move back and forth (thanks Troy because I totally didn't get that!).

As you can see Mabel is getting a fair amount of love. No one is neglecting her. Not at all.
If you have any questions for Troy regarding Mabel please feel free to leave them here.


  1. Oh thank goodness Troy was so willing to demonstrate the wipers and their motion. I was very confused until I saw that pic! No, no sarcasm here, why?

    Looks like the old girl is coming along quite nicely! Great work, Troy!

  2. Um... Erik saw this post... his commentary:

    "I saw the picture of Troy in his big toy-mobile truck! He be's in his toy-mobile truck and he fixes it up, and then he gets in, and then he doesn't start it up because it's just a toy it doesn't go. It has a key though, but I know it has a key hole and a key I know. I saw it," said Erik. "Computer, PLEASE, can you put up the picture of Troy's toy truck again?" Um... now he's talking to the computer. Sheesh. Such a boy. :) Hmm... or maybe he's seen too much Star Trek with us.

    Clearly, the boy needs to see Mabel once she runs...

    Oh, and Nice dust cover, Troy!



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