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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the avid ramblings of a suspected mad muffin maker

Just some thoughts to tickle the id and reflect that philosophy across the ages is simply fodder for comedians who in turn are just tragedies waiting to happen. This is perhaps why the greeks were so good at plays.

Don't believe a solipsist-he doesn't believe you.

Nihilism-a great end to a bad day.

Anarchy-brought to you by the kids who flunked philosophy and then got beat up by the math nerds cause of the clothes they wear.

Platonic relationship-created by plato, misunderstood by freud, used to humerous effect in Threes Company.

Socratic Method-still practiced today on most campus'...."dude don't bogart the weed!" "Shut up you aren't really real."

St. Thomas Aquinas-mixing philosophy and religion requires a lot more than the bartenders bible.

Pragmatism-the philosophy for those who think "close enough" and "in the ball park" are actual empirical measurements.

Heresy-not so much a philosophy as simply a good time at the brothel with brother rasputin.

Confucianism-not just a written guide to how to live your life ethically, it is also the source of lots of great quotes "Confucius say man who stand on toilet high on pot!"

Taoism-apparently justification for winnie the pooh's massive and misunderstood intellect. Of course I always just thought Christopher Robin sat on him too many times. Stupid me.

Nationalism-the belief that everyones penis in your country is bigger than everyone's penis in their country until you conquer that country then their penis is suddenly, magically as big as yours.

Why are their less spanish philosophers than any one else? Because they hit upon the only philosophy that really works. Go nap on it and see how you feel about it afterward. If it still seems a bit daunting have a shot of tequila.


  1. Brilliant. I think I'll go raise a glass to the great and glorious country of Spain!


  2. I'm thinking you mean Mexican philosophers...I know these things. :) haha!


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