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Sunday, May 09, 2010

I cannot believe it!

I just want to inform you about them. I am so tired of everything they are always trying to do to ruin the lives of good law abiding citizens. I don't normally get too politically ranty but this time they have simply gone to far. With all of the new laws at state and national (even international) levels I watch my personal freedom disappear bit by bit, step by step until I am left with only the yoke of servitude around my neck. I am now told who I have to deal with, how I have to deal with them, what to eat, think, own, worship and what words I can and cannot say. I am told when I try to speak that I am out of line, ignorant and mis-informed and that if I would just listen to what is said I would be a better, happier person. I apparently don't need to worry because it has all been figured out for me.
They control the economy, science and medicine, re-write my history and determine what will be taught to my child and write my ballot for me. Unless I do something about this it will continue. They will continue to conspire to reduce me to slavery and remove from me the rights and voice I hold as a person.
So to fix this sooner than later, before they can buy and sell me like an animal, I have to remove their evil, their taint from this world. I must find a way to strike now, before I cannot strike. I exhort and encourage all of you who also suffer under their impending tyranny to join me and destroy them, before they destroy us! Because they will not stop, their greed will not let them stop until we give our hearts to them.
We do this not for us but for those that cannot defend themselves! Our children, our homes, our history, our nation, our rights!

Now I would like to point out some things you probably did while you read through the above. You probably substituted some specific devil into the pronouns. "They" may be muslims, progressives, conservatives, immigrants, christians, politicians, your neighbors , masons, aliens, the illuminati or even the devil (but not limited to just that list.)

Now I would like to point out that you probably feel that there are some actual groups listed above (and even some I missed), that could certainly be substituted even if you didn't necessarily do that at the time.

I would finally like to point out that "they" are saying the same thing about "you".

Today many people wonder why we are polarizing within our country, politically, ideologically, religiously, etc. Many are scared that this is happening because of our technology, modernism, population size, etc. Many truly believe that we need to "get them before they get us" and as such need to get the getters first.

But, sad to say this is not a modern phenomenon. This pattern is one we continue to go through historically.

The above diatribe has been heard before. In regards to communism during 1950s America. In regards to jews in 1930s Germany. It has echoed the streets of Moscow about the czars and Bolsheviks. It was heard in China at the change of every dynasty. Its cry rang through the christian world just prior to the crusades, and against the universal church during the reformation. It was heard in Rome and the city states of Greece before the birth of Jesus and Buddha. It was written about the encroaching Accadians by the Sumerians. We have said nothing new in history with our modern words. And it is certainly not limited to the above.

Why? Because we ask "who makes us suffer?" so that we can ask "how do we make them suffer." We say "you cannot know my suffering unless you suffer as I do." We validate the suffering by mistaking anger for knowledge. We then blame our gods, our devils and neighbors, our parents and our children, etc.

The moral? Don't know, I will leave that up to you guys.

The answer? The above information does not change that many of those around you feel "they" are still trying to get "us" is an acting fact, not an idle musing. And I may be one of them.


  1. Troy-- no one should write anything after midnight!! Sleep on it and you may feel differently in the morning. Love from your Mother.

  2. Actually, I was thinking "they" is "us", not "they". We only lose power when we chose to give it away. Oh, and on this topic, did you know that there is a law (yes LAW) in Santa Clara county that prohibits food chains to give toys with meals unless they meet a specific heath guideline?


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