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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm an Old Settler. Yup I am. Me and my super cousin went to Pioneer Park to the 115th annual Old Settler's Picnic. First thing we did is register. If you don't register then you don't get a ribbon and then you don't get your name in the yearbook next year. So, if you go you must register. Very important.

We got blue ribbons which means we are Tillicum ("a good friend"). It also means we have been residents of Whatcom County between 31 and 40 years. I pointed out that in three years my super cousin gets a green ribbon. She wasn't thrilled with the reminder.
Our family has been in Whatcom County since the 1870s. You don't get a ribbon for that but people really want to know so you should tell them if you know when your family first arrived. It gives you lots to talk about.

Once upon a time I worked at Pioneer Park as a tour guide. That was a fun summer. There is something magical about wandering through the buildings (15 at this time plus an outhouse) and being transported in time.
This is one of my favorite houses. It is filled with home artifacts...the kitchen is one of my favorite places. That said I'm glad I didn't have to prepare meals there.

I also love to eat at Old Settler's. It is a picnic! We ate our way through...Starting with the Bison Burger place. Coffee. Pie from the Rainbow Girls. It was all so very good.
I have always loved this gum machine....

Good times. Good friends. Spending time with family. It doesn't get much better than that.

Next up? Custer Daze!


  1. Why have I never gone to Old Settler's Days??? Seriously! I've been missing good times!! Must remedy...

  2. Fred and I took the boys one year and had a good time. I love those cabins.
    How was the pie?


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