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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
Hans Christian Anderson

We didn't have any sun this Labor Day but we did have a LOT of fun! This year was the museum sponsored the 8th annual Lynde 500 and it rained. For the first time in eight years it rained and rained hard. 

My brother, Alex,  ran in the first Lynde and this year as he was helping set up the track he was recruited again...He was not happy about it. But he is a good great sport and joined a team with all the enthusiasm he could muster. :)

Our sister was working an administration booth, I was watching the races, Troy was announcing and Archer was in the pits with a team of his friends and this happens. Alex is the guy on the bottom...
 Ok. If you've read this blog at all you may realize that when ^^^ this ^^^ happens our first thoughts jump to an emergency room (me) and living with an injured brother (other sister). 
Our minds immediately think - OH CRAP (or a word close to crap).

Luckily it was just a nasty scrape and his little sister was able to grab a first aid kit and fix him up (she's got lots of practice). Archer of course had to come over and make sure that his broken uncle wasn't really broken this time. Thank goodness!

Oh and after all that...this happened to his team car. He was actually the first pusher who caused this mess...
Oh. And did I mention his team took 2nd place? 2nd! That's right! A little car malfunction and crash didn't stop the team!



  1. I must admit that when I saw the shot of your sis bandaging Alex's arm, I wondered if she keeps a First Aid kit in her purse, just for him! I mean, what are the odds she'll need it when she's around him? Pretty good.

    I'm glad that Alex didn't get too badly injured and that the Lynde was fun (in spite of the rain). We had sun here on Saturday, but it poured the rest of the weekend!

  2. Hmmm...has Alex considered living in a bubble? LOL Poor guy! Glad he wasn't seriously hurt!!!!!


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